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Crystal Sky Wily
Roleplayed by :iconlilac-vrt-olligoci: for the :iconmegaman-roleplay:

Name: Crystal Man ( クリスタルマン ) ... er Crystal Woman...
Nickname: Crystal, Crys, Cryssie, Whatever pet names Ringman likes to give to her....:
Species: Robot Master
Age: Looks around 19 years old
Height and Weight: 5'1'', 175lbs (155 cm, 79 kg)

History: Crystal was originally designed as a fembot because Dr. Wily either wanted a daughter or he wants a wife... either way she was designed by him. Her personality the first hour showed her to be very interested in lore and fortune telling, however alot of that, including her femininity was ruined when she was violated by a group of robots (specifically Foxx Inc. own dragon.. er spider) when she wandered too far from the labs. After that, and the knowledge that she was the only fembot there drove her to hide her identity very well from her brothers and her life, her own fear plaguing her for years. It was revealed many years later when she found herself having to fight against the same company. When she had been recreated, Wily gave her the ability to create artificial crystals and gemstones to fund for his projects, and she used this to fight Megaman, however she lost... miserably like any other Robot Master. After that she had trained to become a stronger and faster fembot to face off against him someday.

Personality: She loves telling others their fortunes and has a knack in psychology, despite her dislike in sciences (this interest in psychology mostly saved her post traumatic stress problem). She's usually a shy and careful young fembot, and more than likely shies away form others in public places. Usually she is a resourceful and sweet fembot who cares about others, however on the subject of Megaman, she can get angry and violent. She does, however, have a fixation for Ringman, a Cossack Bot.

CD-I Info: He has the power to produce artificial crystals. Dr. Wily created him to earn money.
"I'll show you your future."
Good point: Magic aura
Bad point: Fishy attitude
Like: Fortune telling
Dislike: Scientist

Weapons/Abilities: Crystal Eye: A large crystal orb that splits in four when it hits the wall. She doesn't use this often because of the risk for friendly fire.
Quartz Kunais: Kunais that can pierce into the softer armor of a robot.
Diamond Knife: A knife that's... it's not real diamond, if you know anything about a diamond saw blade you'd know it's hard as hell and slices through most things, just like Shadow Man's katana.
Telekinesis: Something Cryssie really needs to practice on. :c The most she can do is make a pebble wriggle.
Psychic Abilities: Also, in a Jedi's language, called foresight. She can see when someone's about to hit her in some cases, or when something bad's about to happen. This is something else she needs to practice. ... That and in a group RP it's kind of hard to do that.

Weakness: Crystal is weak to sharp objects (Gyro Attack) and any events that remind her of her past.

Husband: GroovyRingman
Brothers: Flaming-Heat-Man, Dentist-ofthe-Future, DarkNinjaShadowman, DLWN-22
Friends: Copybot-Mimi
Rape Victim Buddy: Little-Artist-Vinci
I'll try and pop in and check for any notes and such when I can but it might not be likely.


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Beautyful-Splash Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
YAY! Another Fem bot! Even of she is in a Man Disguise X3
Plantmanexe Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
You look like one of those decorations I see in gardens sometimes. *tilts head*
Oooh,heheh,hi Crystal Man...Would you mind if i....TOUCH YOUR CRYSTALS??? They're so shiny! :noes:
Burstman-Danger Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010
"Ah hello brother... Ready to go do some manly things like lift weights, carry trains. Kick the crap outta Ringman? Or would you rather we went out and found you a woman?" Burstman asked as he walked up to what he thought was his brother.
LightSkyCrystal Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010
Crystal freezes. Oh lordie, awkward moment there. Her eyes roll over to Burstman. This is like a longtime ago all over again. She takes a deep breath.

"Sorry. I'm gay." .... It was a funny start.
Burstman-Danger Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010
"Oh man you're gay? I swing both ways... To the men's club!" Burstman shouted as he grabbed Crystal's arm and dragged her to where ever he was taking her.
LightSkyCrystal Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010
Crystal is now being dragged. She starts panicking. AHH THIS ISN'T WHAT SHE FORESAW. She senses baaad things form this guy.

"B-but I already have a boyfriend!"
(1 Reply)
Dark-Number-2 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010
Ah, a fellow fifth-generation 'bot!

*waves* How've you been, Crystal?
LightSkyCrystal Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010
Crystal looks over and sees that there is a Darkman there. One of her brothers, the one nobody remembers, sadly. She suddenly smiles.

"Darkman! Wow... it's been a long time!" She waves back, "How have you been?"
Dark-Number-2 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2010
Hm? Ohay! Crystal!

*runs over* Well, not much to say, here. Pretty much same old-same old. Y'know, except for the whole, "where the heck are we" thing. *chuckles* How about you?
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